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Located in the heart of Sterling County, in Sterling City, Texas you will find Ross Funeral Home.  In 1971, Clyde Ross Foster took ownership of what is known today as Ross Funeral Home.  Located on the second floor of his hardware store, it was one of the few funeral homes of its kind for many years.  In the old days, funeral homes were located on the second floor of hardware stores simply because the hardware store would supply the materials to build the coffins. 


Ross’ son, Skeete, completed his Funeral Director/Embalming education in 1977.  At this time, Skeete became the funeral homes only full time Funeral Director and Embalmer.  This father/son business has taken pride in assisting families through one of the most difficult transitions in this life.  In 2005, Skeete relocated the funeral home to its current location, next door to the former hardware store. 


Skeete and his wife, Nancy are now full-time owner/operators of Ross Funeral Home.  Skeete and Nancy work together to fulfill the needs requested of each family that chooses funeral services, either for themselves or their beloved family members, through Ross Funeral Home.  Skeete continues to be the Funeral Director/Embalmer; Nancy, assists with the cosmetic services among other duties.


We understand you have a choice when considering funeral service needs, and are grateful you have been led to Ross Funeral Home.  It is with great pride that we assist you and/or your loved ones through these difficult times.


Skeete is a Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in the state of Texas; member of Texas Funeral Directors Association and West Texas Funeral Directors Association.



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